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To begin with, I would like to point out that the story of Mr. Adam is a special case and the consolidation of so many commitments is not always necessary. Sometimes you only need to pay back one or two to improve your credit standing. The concept of consolidation in the banking market has been around for several years.

Get debt consolidation easily

Credit advisors present them to their clients in various terms. It is often the serious word “consolidation”. They also use the terms ‘pooling of liabilities’ interchangeably. ‘Reducing installments’, ‘improving creditworthiness’ and even ‘financial optimization’.

Regardless of the name, payday debt consolidation is aimed at combining all existing payday loans into one under a new loan. By applying for a payday loan consolidation loan, our payday loans will be repaid by the bank granting us a new loan.

What is needed to successfully consolidate liabilities?

What is needed to successfully consolidate liabilities ?

First of all, one would like to say: “goodwill of the customer.” In times of fast food, fast fashion and fast life in general, everyone is counting on quick access to financing. Advisors often offer their clients such a financial procedure, but it is denied because it takes time, documents, etc. However, it is often the case that using timely consolidation helps to improve the client’s financial position and avoids falling into financial trouble for the future.

When the client is determined to start the process of joining his credit obligations, we move on to formal issues. In most cases, Banks require providing account numbers for repaid liabilities, which must then be confirmed by documents such as contract, schedule or installment confirmation. Some of the banks, e.g. Good Bank, go with the times also allow you to confirm these account numbers via screenshots from the mobile application or online banking.

Then just log in to your application, find the necessary data and send a screenshot to your advisor. Then there are no excuses that the document cannot be found. In addition to accepting documents such as contracts or schedules, all kinds of certificates and opinions from banks about products are accepted.

The most important data that each document presented

For consolidation should contain is the possibility of linking customer data and liabilities with BIK, e.g. by installment amount. Generally, the bank that grants the consolidation loan must be sure that the account that is indicated in the document relates to the customer’s liability being repaid. It is also worth remembering that if we already have a bank loan in which we will apply for a new consolidation loan, documents regarding this commitment will not be required. This is called internal consolidation.

Mr. Adam was still reluctant to consolidate. With the consent of Mr. Adam, Ms. Anna entered the application into the system and received the ideal consolidation loan offer. Ms Anna, as she approached her profession very professionally at the meeting, meticulously presented the client with various calculations showing how his loan installment will change when they finalize the consolidation loan agreement.