Credit House works ethically

An ethical audit carried out by the Conference of Financial Enterprises (KPF) in Poland (KPF), which was subjected to the Credit House Good Finance SA, confirmed that the company operates in accordance with the Principles of Good Practice relating to advice on credit products.

The purpose of an ethical audit


Carried out annually by KPF among all members of the organization is to check whether the business practices of the organization’s member companies are in line with the adopted principles, which companies have committed themselves to adopting the KPF code, the so-called Good Practice Principles.

The Good Practice Principles contain general principles based on universal ethical standards, as well as those dedicated to individual industries, collected in detailed books. The principles of good practices dedicated to individual industries, collected in detailed books, are also components.

Each of the companies participating in the ethics audit

Process completed a questionnaire consisting of three parts: enterprise identification data, general and specific questions. This first category includes questions common to all industries participating in the process – about, among others, whether in the audited year there was a violation of consumer rights by a given financial company and whether it was confirmed by a decision of a public administration body or a court decision, and about whether the employees employed in it have become acquainted with the Principles of Good Practice.

Each of the 20 detailed questions contained in the survey form – separate for individual sectors – relates directly to the provisions of the ZDP KPF. In the case of the financial intermediation industry, they were divided into two categories – “Responsible borrowing” and “Protection of transmitted information and protection of personal data”.

In the first case, companies

In the first case, companies

Were required to respond to questions about the practice of selling credit products, such as “is the company selling the loan when it is obvious that the borrower will not be able to meet the contractual obligations?”

The ethical audit is one of the pillars of the ethical program of the Conference of Financial Enterprises. He was initiated nearly 10 years ago in cooperation with the unquestioned authority in the field of ethics. The whole process culminates in the company being granted an Ethical Certificate, which can be considered as confirmation that the company that owns it has a strong will to use ZDP in business operations.